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Best Lawn Sweeper - Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

Autumn is settling in around the country. Your backyard trees are changing colors, and the leaves are starting to drop. Your kids might enjoy making piles to play, but leaves are the perfect addition to your compost pile. However, there is no way you want to pick all those leaves up by hand. The best lawn sweeper does the work for you and lets you add brown material to your compost easily.


What Is a Lawn Sweeper?

Many people have never heard of or used a lawn sweeper. It isn’t a common piece of equipment used in the neighborhood. Lawn sweepers are an attachment for your riding mower.

It hooks right to the back of your lawnmower. There are several attachments available aside from lawn sweepers, which makes your riding mower more versatile for your property.

The purpose of a lawn sweeper is to collect up the debris in your yard. During the fall, leaves and twigs cover the lawn. Throughout the summertime, your riding mower leaves behind grass clippings.

A lawn sweeper has brushes underneath that pick up debris scattered throughout your yard, depositing them into the above hopper. A lawn sweeper is similar to the vacuum cleaner that sweeps your living room. 

Why You Want a Lawn Sweeper

Cleaning Up Af​​​​ter Mowing

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Depending on how often you mow your grass, you could accumulate too many grass clippings across your lawn. Clippings stop sunlight from penetrating to the soil, eventually leading to the death of your grass. Plus, those grass clippings can be used as mulch in your vegetable garden.

Remove Debr​​​​is During Fall

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If you have trees on your property, you know that autumn brings about leaves and other debris. Small twigs start to drop from the trees. At the same time, you still need to mow your grass until the temperatures drop too low. A lawn sweeper can remove any fall debris without manual labor on your part.


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The brown materials from your lawn make the perfect addition to your compost pile. Grass clippings, leaves, and small twigs can be added to your compost, decomposing quickly. Adding these items can encourage more earthworms to join your compost pile.

Who Might Want a Lawn Sweeper

Anyone could use a lawn sweeper, but that doesn’t mean it is a useful item for everyone. Lawn sweepers are an investment, so you want to make sure it is a useful attachment for your circumstances.

Those with larger-sized gardens or small-scale farms might benefit from having a lawn sweeper. You can collect clippings or debris much faster, with little manual labor. It would allow you to create a larger compost fast or to have the means to mulch your entire garden


Another good candidate would be someone who likes to have a pristine lawn. If that is your priority, a lawn sweeper is a great investment. Your lawn has to be large enough to justify using a riding lawn mower.

If you are interested in owning a lawn sweeper but feel the investment is too much, you can purchase a push-style lawn sweeper. These kinds are cheaper but require manual labor on your end.

The price difference makes it an appealing choice for the smaller gardener. A push lawn sweeper can also benefit those who like to keep up a tidy, but small, lawn.

Top Best Lawn Sweepers

The Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper is a top-selling choice for several reasons. The most notable is the mesh back flow-thru hopper that fills more completely than other sweepers available on the market. The 25 cubic feet hopper holds more than the other lawn sweepers on the list. That also means you get to spend less time emptying it as you clean your lawn. There is an improved dump lever allows you to operate it without leaving your seat.

Agri-Fab is a company that you can trust. One of the main reasons the Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper is so popular is the high quality. You don’t have to worry that it will only last one or two years. The company designed their lawn sweeper to last for years to come. They didn’t use cheap materials! High-quality wheel traction and high-density, polypropylene bristles are just a few of the qualities that make it last for years to come.


  • Features the pull button, brush height adjustment so that you always have the correct height.
  • The width only requires one single pass and picks everything up.
  • You can use it to pick up so much! Not only does it pick up the typical grass clippings and debris, but you can use it for wet and dry leaves, soda cans, pine cones, and sticks!
  • It has six velocity brushes.
  • Comes with a three-year warranty!
  • Owners can fold and collapse the Agri-Fab for easy storage when not in use. You don’t need any tools to collapse it, and it comes close to the size of a small push mower.
  • Assembly is easy. However, it does take some time to put together, even if it is easy.


  • It is the heaviest choice on the list, weighing 92lbs!
  • The Agri-Fab is expensive!

If durability is your primary desire, Ohio Steel Industries sells a heavy-duty, steel body lawn sweeper. With sealed steel bearings on the brush axle, you can expect your lawn sweeper to last for years to come. Ohio Steel designed their lawn sweeper smartly. It utilizes 11-inch bristles that collect all of the debris while reducing the wear and tear on your attachment

The extra-large 26 cubic foot hopper collects more debris. You don’t have to spend as much time emptying the hopper as you might with other picks. The bag on the Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper is made with heavy-duty, breathable polyester, and tough hemmed seams. It is made with a wide, 9-inch hopper chute, so emptying is quite easy!


  • It can collect grass clippings, debris, leaves, pine needles, and nuts.
  • Only weighs 32.3 pounds, making it the lightest choice on the list.
  • The spiral design of the brushes works very well and efficiently.
  • smile-o
    It is a great value for the money!
  • smile-o
    3-position adjustment for the hitch, so you can hook it up to any tractor.
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    Ohio Steel offers a two-year warranty.
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    Assembly is quick, requiring less than an hour to put everything together. That isn’t bad!


  • It only has three velocity brushes, which means you may have to do several passes to get all of the debris. The brushes also don’t disengage, so they’ll collect even as you wheel it into storage.
  • It doesn’t handle pine needles as well as other brands.
  • frown-o
    The size of the Ohio Steel is quite large despite being lightweight. If storage space is an issue, avoid this lawn sweeper.

Brinly offers a lawn sweeper that features six high-velocity brushes with an adjustable brush height for maximum debris pickup. The Brinly also features other unique features that make it desirable. It features an extra-large 20-foot hamper on a 42-inch wide sweeper. Because of its additional width, you make fewer passes through your lawn.


  • Features a storage design that allows you to store the sweeper with very little space.
  • The Brinly can pick up leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, old thatch, and much more!
  • You can replace the brushes easily.
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    The 20 cubic-foot hamper holds a lot of debris and requires less frequent emptying.
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    You can purchase extra attachments, such as a dethatcher or aerator, for extra versatility.


  • It only comes with a one year warranty, which is lesser than the previous two lawn sweepers.
  • Even though the fabric of the hopper is durable, the Brinly is meant to collect regular garden debris, so you must be careful.
  • frown-o
    The assembly is awkward and complicated, especially for someone who isn’t used to assembling machinery. It will take extra time and hands to get it together correctly.

Quick Considerations Before Purchasing

Here are some handy things to keep in mind.

  • Budget: Of course, your budget matters. You want to think about how much you have available to spend. You want the lawn sweeper that offers the best overall value for the money in your budget.
  • The width of Lawn Sweeper: The width of your lawn sweeper matters. It determines how quickly you can collect all of the debris in your yard. For those with a small lawn, 21-inch sweepers work fine. If you have a larger property, you want something measuring close to 50 inches.
  • Size of Hopper: As you collect the debris, it ends up in the hopper. For smaller areas, a 12 cubic-foot hopper works, but you want something 26 cubic feet or larger for a big area.

Lawn Sweeper Tips for Usage

If you’ve never used a lawn sweeper before, there are some tips that you should follow. These tips ensure that your lawn sweeper works properly and for years to come!

  • Only Sweep Dry Lawns: You have to make sure your lawn is completely dry before using it. If you don’t wait for leaves or lawn to dry, you could potentially clog up the sweeper.
  • Don’t Go Too Fast: There are different speeds in which you can go. The varying speeds help with different types of debris. You need to experiment and see what speed works best for you and your property. Only go at the high speeds if you are on flat ground. Going at a higher speed should only be done on even ground. Also, slower speeds reduce the possibility that you might damage the lawn sweeper.
  • Empty Hopper Often: As you use your new lawn sweeper, the bag, called a hopper, will fill up with plant matter. It might be tempting to wait until the hopper is full, but that weighs down the lawn sweeper. Also, leaving the debris in there will increase the risk of developing mold and mildew.
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    Mulching: Before you run your lawn sweeper, take the time to check the debris. You might need to remove or chop up the twigs or small branches. You don’t want the debris to be too large, causing the sweeper to clog up. It makes your job easier.


Without a doubt, the best choice on the list is the Agri-Fab. Despite the expensive price tag, it is a top of the line choice. The large hopper allows you collect more debris without having to empty it. It is 44 inches wide, making it easier to collect debris your yard with fewer passes.

Also, Agri-Fab considered storage with their design, since it is fully collapsible. You have the ability to collect several different debris in your yard. With the fantastic durability, you can trust the Agri-Fab.

These three lawn sweepers made our list because their high-quality construction makes it worth your money. The last thing that you want to do is spend the money on a product that won’t last more than a year.

 You might not want to purchase our three top choices, but they are all safe bets. There are many to pick from, and that can make the decision even harder!

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